Episode # 1
Chief Big Cloud
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    It's amazing how an old reel of film can reveal a cornucopia of alien involvement in our daily lives.
    This is a photo of the actual reel purchased on Ebay by a famous Hollywood Producer/Director "Woody Johnson". A non-disclosure agreement prevents us from revealing his true identity.
    Woody's attempt to find the seller led to dis­connected phones, a disappearing house, and ultimately, a dead end. So Woody turned to his long time friend, Dick Hedley, and the WW2K investigative staff for help. Nobody we contacted in the film industry recalled ever seeing an alien in a silent movie.
    Physical and chemical analysis by Paramount Films and Kodak Laboratories forensic experts indicated the film was manufactured in 1925 and processed no later than 1927.
    We then turned it over to graphic experts at Industrial Light & Magic. Their conclusion was shocking. Based on their historical knowledge of film technology and crop reports there were only two possibilities:
      1) The producers somehow got ahold of alien technology or a supercomputer (in the 1920's!?!) to produce special effects seen in the movie,
  or 2) The movie depicts actual events of the time, and is the earliest photographic proof of an alien presence among us.
    Both are intriguing. And they both indicate the traditional media have been lax in their coverage of an alien invasion which may threaten us all.
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